12 Demostheni Severi Avenue, 6th Floor, Office 601 000000 Nicosia CY
12 Demostheni Severi Avenue, 6th Floor, Office 601 Nicosia, CY
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About us

silashop.com is a dedicated wholesale platform that facilitates trade between businesses within and across borders. We do so by offering our clients a well-engineered platform that is built to correctly match buyers with sellers using localized targeting. Our buyers can also enjoy the luxury of sourcing the best quality and price.

Why to sell via silashop.com:

  • 100% guaranteed and trustworthy
  • Localized customers targeting
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of tools to targeting your customers and potential customers, including but not limited to SMS, app notifications, web notifications and through our sales representatives
  • Prices will remain 100% confidential. Only approved buyer accounts by your side will see your pricelist
  • Full information about your buyers.
  • Verified buyers accounts

Why to buy via silashop.com:

  • 100% guaranteed and trustworthy
  • Easy payment solutions, with up to 90 days credit terms for our loyal customers
  • Wide range of options from a wide range of suppliers at your finger tips
  • Verifired suppliers
  • 24/7 hours support
  • Flexible and localized

Our loyalty program:

Our loyalty program offers normal and premium accounts for our buyers. For more details about our loyalty program classification kindly, refer to our sales representatives.

Why to become Premium?

  • Buy on credit (up to 90 days)
  • Free samples
  • Additional discount
  • Access to special prices and special deals
  • Get notified first
  • Same day delivery upon request